How to Make Bitmoji Stickers

I, as well as many teachers and student, use social media as a platform for finding ideas and sharing my own. Although most student teachers are quick to express their love for Pinterest; it’s a website I’ve never really taken to. I much prefer the likes of Twitter and Instagram as they are much more interactive. Pinterest is very much DIY based and I feel that a lot of the ideas posted are a guessing game and seldom have step by step instructions or information about how to achieve the concept.

However, in saying this – there is some idea-snobbery on both Twitter and Instagram. A very small proportion of teachers are happy to share their successes but never explain why or how they achieved them. I find this frustrating – if you’re going to publicise an idea, at least be humble enough to share the technique or guidance behind it.

This was something I experienced when I discovered a teacher on Instagram had created bitmoji stickers. I instantly fell in love with the idea and praised them for it; but when I quizzed them about how they had made them, my comment and interest was completely overlooked. I took it on the chin and instead accepted the challenge of creating them for myself. I’ve managed to create a very easy process which you may use or may choose to adapt. So, here goes nothing!

Step 1

Download and set up the Bitmoji app. This takes roughly 3-5 minutes. From here, create a character that noticeably resembles you. Make sure to incorporate distinctive things about your appearance: glasses, hair colour, freckles and so on. The whole beauty of bitmoji stickers is that your class will be awarded stickers with graphics that look like you… So make it look recognisable!


Step 2

Once you’re satisfied with how your avatar looks, begin to scroll through the hundreds of graphics and designs bitmoji have created. There are various categories you can look through; I find looking through the smiley face column provides me with more refined and appropriate graphics that I can use as stickers.


Once you’ve found a graphic you’d like to make into a sticker, click on it. A menu will pop up asking you where you’d like to paste the bitmoji – select mail (or any other option you see fit) and e-mail them to yourself.


Step 3

Open up a blank word document. Insert a circle that will be the size you would like your stickers to be. Copy this circle and continuously paste the circle into the document until the page is full.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 20.54.15

I made my circle 1.65″ by 1.65″ – this is an “average” sized sticker and is big enough so that the graphics are clear and not too grainy when printed.

Step 4

Go onto your emails and save the bitmoji image you emailed to yourself in step 2. From here, you are going to begin to copy and paste the graphics into the circles. You will crop, reposition and re-size a few times before you’re happy. It is a very fiddly process, but it means that once you have created a document you’re happy with you can save it and re-use it as much as you like. Short term pain, long-term gain!

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 20.57.07


Step 5

Before you can print the stickers out – you need one of the most important components: sticker paper. I bought 30 sheets of matte finish sticker paper from Amazon which was just £3.99 (click here for the exact item).

You simply load these into your printer as though it’s paper and let the magic happen! When you’re ready, hit print and voila – you now have bitmoji stickers… Almost.


Step 6

Alas – the cutting out begins. I recommend doing this while you’re watching TV or listening to music because it is mind numbingly boring… But the final product is so, so, SO satisfying!


I don’t doubt for a minute that there’s easier ways to do this – but it’s the only way I was able to use that didn’t require any fancy apps such as Photoshop. I do hope this has helped – if not, please feel free to ask some questions if you’re stuck. Better yet, show me your results!






4 thoughts on “How to Make Bitmoji Stickers”

  1. This is so brilliant, I can’t wait to have a go! Also to save emailing them to yourself, there’s a bitmoji browser extension for chrome now, so you could copy and paste them from there 🙂


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